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We began by supplying power transmission equipment for agricultural machinery in 1958.

XinLan offers an outstanding range of enclosed drives engineered for agricultural equipment. Gearboxes are available for the main propulsion of mobile machinery or for powering machine attachments. Product applications involve drives used with equipment for irrigation, sprayers, mowers, mixers, harvesters, spreaders, balers, rakes, augers and more.

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Company adhering to the management objective of quality first, prestige supreme.

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We can provide products by OEM parts by customized size. Just give us a draft drawing or the detailed size, we can provide you the formal drawing to check.

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mainly exported to Europe, America and other parts of the world.

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We have the experience of foreign advanced technology, advanced equipment.

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There is one year quality warranty for all products and we can provide free replacement one if the product is broken under abnormal conditions.

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Rotary Mower Gearbox

A lawn mower is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height.Typical application: Power up to 35HP 、 Input 540rmp 、 Output up to 1528rmp 、 Ratios 1:2.83,1:1.93,1:46

Agricultural grain transportation gearbox

Grain storage is an important link between the production and transportation of grain.

The availability of storage gives farmers and elevators the ability to determine when to sell and move product, instead of being tied to whenever the grain is harvested.Typical application: Power up to 150HP 、Input up to 1000rmp 、Output up to 1300rpm 、Ratios 1:1,1:1.53,2.07:1,2.21:1,1:1.35

Rice Harvester Gearbox

Rice harvester is used for the harvesting of rice or wheat.

A rice harvester can finish the whole processes of rice or wheat harvesting from harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning.Typical application: Power up to 80HP 、 Input up to 588rmp 、 Output up to 1042rpm 、 Ratios 1:1.93,1:1.92,1.5:1

Rotary Tiller Gearbox

A rotary tiller is a mechanized cultivating implement that is used to prepare soil for planting.

Typical application: Power up to 120HP 、 Input up to 600rmp 、 Output up to 540rpm 、 Ratios 2.07:1,1.31:1,1:1.
XinLan is professional in agricultural gearbox development and manufacturing.Our agricultural gearbox have exported to America, Canada, Australia,Thailand and so on.

How to ensure the quality of your products?

Firstly,we will do the inspection after every process.For the finished products,we will do 100% inspection according to the customers’ requirements and the international standard.Secondly,we have our own testing lab and the most advanced and complete inspection equipment in the casting industry,including three coordinate detector, tooth backlash detector, smooth-finish detector, metallographic test and so on.
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Gearbox Assembly Details?

Before formal assembly, the operator needs to carefully study the drawings, be familiar with the product structure, study the working principle of each part, and guide the connection between them, so as to master enough technology to successfully complete the assembly.

Function introduction of agricultural gearbox?

Agricultural gearboxes are widely used in agricultural machinery, such as lawn mowers, rice harvesters, grain conveying storage, rotary tillers, etc.

Introduction to the principle of gearbox?

The manual gearbox is mainly composed of gears and shafts, and the variable speed torque is generated through different gear combinations; the automatic gearbox is composed of a hydraulic torque converter.

Safety precautions for the use of rotary tillers?

Before the rotary tiller is running, it is strictly forbidden to enter the soil, and it is forbidden to make emergency turns during operation. In order to make the machine operate sensitively, the scissors and debris on the rotary tiller must be removed. When replacing the coulter, the power of the rotary tiller should be turned off first and wait for the engine to be turned off.

Maintenance of agricultural gearboxes?

Carefully check the tightening of the gearbox, if there is looseness, you must adjust the tightening immediately to avoid oil leakage.

Technical requirements for agricultural gearboxes?

There shall be no mechanical damage such as cracks, holes and casting defects in any part of the agricultural gearbox. The ovality of each shaft hole in the agricultural machinery gearbox shall not be greater than 0.015 ~ 0.02 mm.

The Importance of a Lawn Mower Gearbox?

A lawnmower is the most common tool in the garden for removing weeds quickly. A lawnmower, also known as a lawn mower, is made of a cutter, engine, running wheels, running gear, blades, handrails, and control components. The efficiency is 8 to 10 times higher than that of manual weeding, the damage rate is low, and the grass cleaning rate is high.

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